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During the summer season, Orlando FL has a lot to offer residents in our area. But whether you choose to bike ride one of the many trails or just go for a stroll in a nearby park or even a fun-filled day at the many amusement parks. We look forward to returning home and being comfortable. Which means having the best AC system ready and waiting to cool us down. At, Clean Ducts Orlando we understand the importance of good air quality especially keeping it cool.

So when you’re looking for an air conditioning company you can trust, you can rely on Clean Ducts Orlando.

Orlando Air Conditioner Installation

AC Installation in Orlando

While the weather in Central Florida can be unpredictable, on average Orlando's warmest month is July. we all know that we don’t want to do without the cooling relief of an air conditioning unit. 

Air Conditioner Replacement in Central Florida

Did you know, that replacing your current air conditioner can cut your energy usage by up to 50%!  High electric bills, constant repairs, and the age of your AC unit are sure signs to schedule an air conditioner replacement. 

The Many Benefits of Installing a

New Air Conditioner

Still not sure if an air conditioner installation is the right move for your Orlando home? Getting an AC replacement with Clean Ducts Orlando will bring you:






Why is Clean Ducts Orlando the better choice for AC Installation in Orlando?

Every year there is an estimated 50 - 80% of new air conditioner installations, especially in the Orlando area!

All done without any type of permit being pulled. As an HVAC contractor, it is their responsibility to purchase this permit and to install all equipment in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Florida Mechanical Code. Once completion of your AC installation is performed.  A mechanical inspector will come to your home and inspect all work done by the contractor. All homeowners should insist on getting this done when scheduling air conditioner installation in the Orlando area. This ensures any future issues with your air conditioning system.

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